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2011 optical communication industry growth can be expected, three excellent optical and strive to achieve better results

Release time:2011-03-02 9:33:40  Views:5784

February 10, 2011, the first day of work the company held a welcome back post, Dr. Li Ling, general manager of New Year to all employees on behalf of the Board, and the welcome speech at the meeting.
As the field of communications "high iron", ushered in optical communication market is rapidly growing period. According to the "Shanghai Securities News" report, CRE Securities recently released research report that the 2011 annual optical communications will continue to develop, further increase the proportion of investment by promoting the "broadband China" strategic development objectives, expected national "five" overall during the total investment will reach 200 billion yuan.

The beginning of February 2011, the major overseas stock optical components have gained popular, show a good situation. JDSU, and Opnext at the February 3 release of financial statements, the stock soared 20% -30% rate. Opening within a few minutes, the entire data center, telecommunications network optical components and subsystems for collective stock soared, like a lot of money into the field, such as tide.

2011, three excellent optical and hard work of all employees will be united and work together for a new high turnover. Excellent prospects in the industry, in the fierce market competition, seize every opportunity to achieve further breakthroughs.

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